How to maintain a manicure at home

how to maintain a manicure at home - vegan nail polish - manicure tools


Hey there, nail enthusiasts! Are you tired of spending a fortune at the salon for a manicure? Well, say goodbye to pricey nail sessions because we've got the ultimate guide on how to easily maintain your manicure at home – without compromising on style and coolness!

1. Gather Your Mani Arsenal

Before diving into the nail art adventure, make sure you have the essential tools to rock those nails. Here's what you need:

  • Nail clippers: For taming those wild nails.
  • Nail file: To shape your tips like a pro.
  • Cuticle oil: Keep your cuticles hydrated and happy.
  • Base coat: A solid foundation for a long-lasting manicure.
  • Nail polish in your favorite shades: Your style, your choice!
  • Top coat: Seal the deal and make your mani shine like a star.
  • Nail polish remover: To erase the old and create the new.

2. Prep and Prime – The Magic Begins

Alright, cool cats, let's start with a clean canvas. Begin by removing any old polish using the trusty nail polish remover. Then, shape your nails to your desired style. Go classic and sleek or experiment with trendy shapes – the world is your oyster!

Next up, it's time to pamper your cuticles. Apply a few drops of cuticle oil (vegan and cruelty-free recommended) and gently massage them. Push back any excess skin with a cuticle pusher or a soft orangewood stick. Now, your nails are ready to slay!

3. The Base Coat – Your Mani's BFF

Think of the base coat as the ultimate wingman (or wingwoman) for your nails. Not only does it protect them from staining, but it also provides a smooth surface for your polish to adhere to. Choose a base coat that suits your nail type – whether it's strengthening, hydrating, or even growth-promoting. Our Magic 5 Base Coat is enriched with 5 plant extracts and 5 vitamins. Not to mention that it is vegan and cruelty-free.

4. Time to Get Artsy – Nail Polish Galore

Here comes the fun part – the nail polish extravaganza! Grab your favorite colors and unleash your creativity. Mix and match, go wild with patterns, or keep it classy with a single shade. Want to add a little pizzazz? Try some nail art pens, stickers, or even tiny gems to create a unique and badass look! The trendiest colour of the season is a zesty yellow. Look no further than our shade Lit, that will bring this glamor to your nails. If you want to keep it more classic then check out Chillin' which is a cool grey nail polish perfect for any season or It's a vibe which is the perfect lilac color. Of course all of our nail polishes are vegan, cruelty-free, and free from 12 harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde. You can read more about our formula here

5. Be Patient – Let it Dry

Okay, we know you're excited to show off your nail masterpiece, but hold your horses! Give your fresh coat of polish some time to dry before applying a top coat to seal the deal. Even 30 seconds will do the trick. Patience pays off, my friends!

6. Seal the Deal – Top Coat Magic

The moment you've been waiting for – the top coat! This beauty will not only protect your design but also make it shine like a superstar. Apply a layer of top coat over polish to lock in the awesomeness and let it dry. Though nowadays who has time to wait..?!? This is why we launched our Fast Dry Top Coat that gives you touch-dry nails in 3 minutes!! Give it a try and you won't regret it. 

If you do not have our Fast Dry Top Coat in order to avoid smudges and dents you should really give your manicure some time to dry. Put on your favorite tunes or watch some hilarious videos to pass the time. 

Pro tip: Reapply the top coat every few days to extend the life of your mani and keep it looking fresh.

7. Show Some Love – Nourishing Your Nails and Hands

Keep your nails in top-notch shape by showing them some love. Hydrate your cuticles regularly with cuticle oil. Show some love also to your hands by applying hand cream. 

8. Fixing Flaws – Easy Peasy

Uh-oh, did you accidentally chip a nail? Don't panic! Grab a matching nail polish color, gently apply it to the damaged area, and add a layer of top coat. Voilà! Your nails are back to being fabulous.

9. Embrace Your Unique Style

Remember, you're a rockstar, and your nails are the ultimate accessory to express yourself. Don't be afraid to try new things and experiment with different colors and designs. Whether you prefer trendy colors or soft pastels, the key is to be true to yourself and rock it with confidence!

Congratulations, my nail friends – you've now mastered the art of maintaining a kickass manicure at home! With a little patience, creativity, and some essential nail tools, you can achieve stunning nails that reflect your unique style and personality. So go ahead, flaunt those fabulous nails, and let your confidence shine through your fabulous mani!

Now, go forth and conquer the world – one beautifully manicured finger at a time! Stay cool, stay fabulous, and keep rockin' those nails!



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