Client testimonials

What They Say?

"It is really, really, really good quality and it is the perfect fit for holidays, it’s a really beautiful color and…it lasted for me for a week! It’s really amazing! I am in love with your nail polishes!"


"I love the quality of the products, I know when I use allyr I can expect my mani/pedi to be...fresh"


"Wooooow!! Love it"


"I am a huge fan of your nail polish and the color! It dries super fast and holds for a whole week"


"I recently discovered Allyr and the brand has quickly stolen my heart. From the moment I tried their products, I knew I had discovered something special. The shades offered are simply stunning and the longevity of the nail polish is impressive. I found that even after days of wear, the color remained vibrant and chip-resistant, which is a testament to the high-quality formulation. It's a relief to find a nail polish brand that doesn't require constant touch-ups or reapplication"


"The nail polish holds for a week including my work in the garden. I definitely wasn't gentle with it."


"I have to say that I am super impressed by the quality and how fast the top coat dried!!"


"Super easy to apply with the wide brush, even for me who doesn’t use that much nail polish, I love it"


"It is amazing product 🤩 easy to apply, excellent coverage and the colors selection is just perfect"